Product Care

Product care tips to keep your jewellery looking gorgeous 

Sterling and fine silver jewellery

Your jewellery contains sterling silver 925 and/or fine silver 999 that will oxidise with time and exposure to air.   Your piece will benefit from a little TLC, to keep it bright and shiny and ensure it lasts a lifetime.

I suggest that you use the polishing cloth provided (or any soft, dry cloth), from time to time, to gently polish the silver components of your jewellery.  This will restore the piece to its lovely shine.  Avoid using paper towel or tissues as the fibres may scratch the silver or beads.

If your piece is metal only, you can use a silver jewellery polishing solution, however, do not use liquids on your piece if it contains stones or beads.

Gold plated jewellery

Take special care of your gold plated jewellery, to extend its life and keep it bright and beautiful.

As with your sterling and fine silver jewellery, keep your gold plated jewellery away from all chemicals, oils, cosmetics, moisturisers, perfumes and soaps.  Put on your jewellery last, after you’ve applied cosmetics, moisturisers and perfume.

Remove your jewellery when doing any household chores to avoid it coming into contact with chemicals, cleaners, detergents etc.

Remove your jewellery when in the shower, swimming in chlorinated pools or the surf, when in the sauna or spa, or when perspiring excessively, say, due to exercise (as the salt and other chemicals that may be in your perspiration or skin can damage the surface of the piece).

To clean your gold plated jewellery, use a mild liquid soap or a professional jewellery cleaning solution specifically for plated jewellery and a soft cloth.  Handle gently and avoid rubbing harshly on the piece, as this can cause the plating to rub off.  Do not rub too hard with the cloth that was provided with your jewellery as this will rub off the plating.

Gold plating will eventually wear off, but should last anywhere from one to five years, depending on the acidity of your skin and how the piece is worn and cared for.  Gold plating can rub off if it rubs against other jewellery so it’s best to wear it separately.


If your jewellery has a patina (darker areas that highlight the surface texture or pattern), do not rub too hard or in the recessed parts of the piece as this will remove the patina.

Semi-precious stones and beads

If your piece features semi-precious beads or stones, avoid it contacting with other pieces of jewellery.  Each stone has a Mohs hardness rating and softer stones will scratch if they come into contact with harder elements.  Just avoid them knocking together.

Wearing your jewellery

We recommend that you avoid your jewellery coming into contact with perfume, moisturisers, lotions, makeup and other chemicals to maintain the quality and lustre of your piece.  Do not wear your jewellery in the shower, surf, pool, sauna or spa.


I recommend you store your jewellery carefully in its box to avoid contact with other jewellery and items that may scratch the piece and to minimise exposure to air.

I hope you enjoy wearing your piece as much as I loved making it.

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